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Guaranteed Payday Loans from a Direct Lender

Are you on the lookout for a payday loan to help you deal with your emergency? Medical, home repairs, money to pay off bills or even some cash to cater to a sudden travel plan. If yes, then approaching a direct lender is easibly the best option. We at CapitalPaydayCash are your direct lender, offering competitive rates in the most reliable guaranteed approval payday loans.

You may already know that you can get payday loans from a direct lender online or at a store near you. However, if you choose to approach a brick and mortar lender, it will certainly take you a longer while to go through the entire process of going all the way to the store during their opening hours, spending time on paperwork, etc. If you however choose to approach an online trusted lender like CapitalPaydayCash, you can apply at any time of the day that’s most convenient to you and from anywhere.

Our basic application form, requirement for minimal and very basic documents, no faxing and no need for collateral or any form of security makes it very easy for our borrowers to apply for a loan with us. It also leads to instant approvals and quick transfers of payday loans that are guaranteed which is why most debtors are happy to come back to us.

Can I get a Guaranteed Payday Loan for Bad Credit?

With direct lenders like us, you do not have to worry about possessing a bad credit score. We do not conduct credit checks which is why borrowers can get guaranteed approval payday loans online even for bad credit. What we do require from you in order to qualify as a trusted borrower, is your income statement. Your income statement must be stable which is one of the most important factors to avail a loan from us. Apart from that, you must be 18 years of age at the minimum, should have an SSN number that we will need, a checking account and verifiable contact details. Once you fulfil this basic criteria, you will be able to get guaranteed payday loans even with a bad credit score.

Get Guaranteed Approvals of Online Payday Loans in 24 Hours

How do we assure you that you will be granted a payday loan from us, that too in just a day?

  • No credit checks - this means that you can apply for a guaranteed payday loan online without worrying about your credit score. Your financial history does not matter to us since we know and understand that it may be the result of a faulty repayment in the past, which is why you can get a guaranteed payday loan with no credit check from us.
  • No collateral needed- Since we do not require you to provide us with a security of any kind, it makes life easier for those who have poor credit ratings.
  • Minimum documentation requirement- Our basic requirement makes it very easy to be issued a loan since almost everybody meets our basic eligibility requirement.
  • No third party involvement - We are a direct lender and look into your request without sending it to somebody else. This means that you do not have to wait for ages for a lender to approve your loan in the first place. You can get payday loans from direct lenders with guaranteed approval decision with no third party involved in it. This also makes it easier for you to get in touch with our team directly.
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